It is a principal goal of the Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians (ABCI) to protect human health and preserve, protect and enhance the quality of the environment on the lands of the ABCI, while allowing for responsible and sustainable economic development.

In pursuing the goal to protect and enhance the environment of the reservation, the ABCI has established the Tribal Environmental Protection Agency (TEPA) to develop and implement environmental programs. The TEPA utilizes federal and tribal funding to build capacity and address critical environmental issues and concerns.

We currently have three programs – 1) a General Assistance Program with components in administration, training, outreach and inter-departmental assistance, climate change resiliency, drinking water source protection, and waste management; 2) a Clean Water Act Section 106 program to monitor water quality in select locations, such as shallow groundwater; 3) a Clean Water Act Section 319 program to monitor and reduce non-point source pollution, including removal of invasive species that cause excess fire risks, reduce soil cover and increase sediment loads in runoff.

As a part of its outreach efforts, the TEPA uses this web site to share helpful information on environmental issues, and tips and tricks to live more sustainably with lesser negative impacts on our planet.